Foothills Freddy and Pastor Michael

  Children's Camp 2009 was interrupted by Animal Control with the news that a bear was on the loose in our area. The good news was that Freddy, as he was called, was not dangerous but he was a little trickster! As the week went on Freddy began showing up causing havoc on the services. Service after service Freddy was being a distraction until the showdown.

  It was Wednesday evening and we were ready! All of a sudden Freddy shows up in the back of the tabernacle and the stare down was on! Pastor Michael and Freddy! Pastor Michael took a step...Freddy took a step...Pastor Michael took a step...Freddy took a step and then the chase was on! Pastor Michael and Freddy were chasing each other all around the tabernacle.

  The chasing continued for a few moments until something strange happened. Freddy knelt at the altar. Pastor Michael thinking it was a trick had his water gun in hand. Then Freddy reached his hand out to Pastor Michael as if to say he wanted help. Pastor Michael cautiously inched closely to Freddy. It was an intense moment. Pastor Michael ever so slowly approached Freddy.

  A few seconds later Pastor Michael announced to the children that Freddy wanted to pray and invite Jesus into his heart. As the children gathered in Freddy prayed and accepted Jesus as his Savior.

  On Thursday morning Pastor Michael announced that Freddy felt like God was calling him into some type of ministry here at the Foothills Camp & Retreat Center. After a day of searching and listening to the Holy Spirit Pastor Michael announced Friday morning that Freddy was going to live here at FCRC and felt God calling him to travel across East Tennessee telling boys and girls what God had done for him. He was now Foothills Freddy!

  Since the summer of 2009 the Mayfield's and Foothills Freddy have traveled East Tennessee sharing the good news of Jesus and what God is doing at FCRC. If you would like Foothills Freddy to come to your church contact Pastor Michael for more information!

Foothills Freddy and the Mayfield's